Monday, January 11, 2010

January 11, 2010--IT'S FREEZING!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!!!

Okay, sorry for the short emails in the last few weeks. I've told you though that all those pictures take forever to upload and I can't type while they are uploading. We're all still grateful though that I have sent emails though....Right??? :):)

I sent the Books of Mormon home to challenge you to pray about someone whom you could give it to. Don't wait for those opportunities to "arise," because they won't if you just sit back and wait. People are out there searching that you know. Pray for those opportunities and then have the faith to take action. I promise, it's easier than you think. Hello, I was like the shyest/shiest one in the family and now I'm doing it all the time. I actually just gave someone a Book of Mormon at lunch. I glanced at a guy in the restaurant and he was telling his mom about Temple Square and showing her pictures of the Salt Lake Temple on his iPhone. I just leaned over and was like, "Isn't it beautiful??" I don't know if I can hand them out with your testimonies in it. I have my PPI this week, so I'll make sure and ask him.

Miami is GREAT!!!!! I LOVE living here! With all the hustle and bustle and the people and the way of life. Mom, quite frankly, you probably don't want to know about the places that we've been and the things that I've seen:):) Just know that I love it and it is polar opposite of nice, quiet little Boca Raton:) I'll try and find a hoodie. You'd be surprised of the winter clothes that you find here. It will be like in the 50's and people are wearing parkas and big furry boots. Wimps. Although, yes it is FREEZING!!! We got in our car yesterday to go to church at 7:15 and it was 36 degrees!!!! Of course, we don't have coats, so we're double freezing and theN we're some of the first ones in the church, so it's not warm yet. It bites. Yes, I have enough blankets for the night. When I first got to Boca I had to buy a thicker one than my princess one. We have a heater in the apartment too, so we turn that on during the night. I would like some thicker sweaters though, and yes, my coat. Sorry Maddi! It'll only be for a few weeks! I only have my cardigans to wear over my short sleeve button up tops. Mom, did you get that text from Brother Wilton? I changed my mind a couple days later when it was bone chilling cold. My body has definitely adapted to the warm weather here.

I finally got nailed by the Bishopric yesterday at church. I have to give a talk on Sunday about member missionary work. I think the topic because all we do with members is tell them how they can become better member missionaries. It's going to be dumb to have a missionary talk about it. Its just going to be repetitive and no one is going to want to listen. Oh well. The bishopric asked me, and of course I can't turn down something that they ask me to do. Even if it is a cop-out:):)

Maddi, Hermana Schulthies' sister-in-law that lives here is an interpreter for the deaf. She makes a killing. Her husband doesn't have to go to work and they are doing just fine financially. I talked to her last week actually and she said you are more than welcome to contact her at any time to talk about what she did to get her degree. She is SO kind, so don't hesitate to call her. She would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to help you out!!!!!! Her name is Stacia (Staesha) ***. Give her a call, or text her anytime. Just remember the time change. ;)

We are teaching these two 18-19 year old boys. They are so adorable. We have met with Victor 3 times now and Marcus 2. The first time we met Marcus, Saturday, he told us he would like to do something like what we are doing. You know, serving a mission, because he felt so blessed to have us there. We committed them to write down a commitment that they wanted to keep. Victor was to read a certain chapter in the Book of Mormon, pray about it and then come to church. He's struggling with the fact that God is loving. His grandma always told him God is someone who is rude. HOW SAD!!!!! Marcus wrote down on his to pray to God to ask for repentance! We hadn't even talked about repentance in that lesson! Cool huh! He's committed to live the word of wisdom too. He's so cute! We are SO excited to get to teach them.

That card that you sent from President Lake is for after my mission. I opened it and read the first line and it said something like "By the time you read this card you will be released from serving a full-time mission." I slapped it shut and shoved it back into the envelope. I'm going to give it to Sister Holdstock to put in my file. They keep one for each of us and then give it to us at the end of our mission. That way I won't be tempted to read it and I won't lose it.

I got my GPS this morning and I'm excited to use it. It is going to help us SO much!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for it!!!!!!!

Sorry, I don't have much to say today! At least it's been longer than the ones in the past 3 weeks.

LOVE, Sister Denson

PS. Yes I got the chapstick from RaeLin
PPS: Sister Eland is with Sister Olsen and Sister Call. I knew about it earlier this week. They stopped by our apartment to say hi because they were up in Kendall at a doctor appointment for Sister Call. She has to get an MRI. The mission is smaller than you think. :):) We find out things way fast.
PPPS: Remember the pictures that you sent of the dogs the email after Christmas? Can you print those out and send them to me? I LOVED those ones!!! :):)Thanks!

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