Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Farewell

Today, I spoke in my ward for my "farewell." Afterward, we had a "gathering" at our house for friends and family. It was a great day and I was able to visit with a lot of loved ones.

My one request was that Mom get me a "Dick's Cake." White cake with raspberry filling. YUM!!

One of my bestest friends, Lauren Johnson! Love that redhead!!

Dad visiting with our good neighbor, Roy Millard.
Thanks Roy and Rosalie for loaning us your shade and tables!! We also need send a BIG THANK YOU to Carl and Nancy Christensen, Phil and Jill Chandler, Dan and Sherrie Denson, John and Angie Martineau for sharing your "shade" with us. It was one HOT DAY!!!!! (100+ degrees!!)

Saying good-bye to the Potter family. We talked about how old the kids would be when I get home...Kobe and Carsen would be passing the Sacrament, Tyson would be almost old enough to do it, Logan would be turning 7, Sydni would be ready for pre-school! HOLY COW!!

Mom setting things up and chatting with my Aunt Sherrie.

My cousins Brigham and Becky Denson.

Travis Webb, Brigham, and Becky Denson.

Cousins Mysha, Jason, and baby Ella.

Great friends Travis and Linda Webb.

My baby sister, Maddi and her "honey" Dez. (I consider him my little brother and will see him in the MTC two weeks after I get there!! YAY)

It was a GREAT day!


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