Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mission Pictures and Four Weeks!!!

My "official" Missionary picture!
It's true! I leave four weeks from today!!!!!!! I'm so excited, I can't hardly stand it! (My Mom is dying though...the tears are coming more and more often every day!)

I got my mission pictures done on Maddi's birthday (June 13). It was a great experience because we were truly blessed with the weather! Itwas so weird! When we met Renee, the sun was brilliantly shining! Renee was worried that there would be too much sun. Then as we got things set up, it went behind a cloud and it was PERFECT for taking pictures. We got everything done and it started to POUR!!!! The Lord knew we needed these right then, that we wanted them to look good, and He came through!! YAY!!

Renee does AMAZING work and we're so lucky to have been able to have her take them on such short notice. Check out her website: Renee Packer Photography!

Me and my bestest buddy--my baby sister!

You can't even tell there was a HUMONGOUS bee buzzing me the whole time we were taking these shots! I'm TERRIFIED of bees!!!!!

There are more pictures but you'll have to look at my scrapbook for those! :)

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